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GOTCHA! Multicam

Our video surveillance software GOTCHA! Multicam has the ability to monitor up to 4 cameras simultaneously. Multicam GOTCHA! allows independent video format and capture configuration for each camera, while controlling all cameras through one easy to use interface. All the motion detection properties and programming options remain independent, just like the standard singlecam GOTCHA!. This solution is as portable as a PC, yet more powerful and configurable than most permanently installed systems. From area security to equipment monitoring to comprehensive home protection, multicam GOTCHA! gives you the coverage and sophistication you need with the ease of use you have come to expect from GOTCHA!.

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Proprietary Video Capture Card

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GOTCHA! Multicam

Picture of GOTCHA! multicam

As shown above, GOTCHA! is monitoring four different locations; an office, a laptop (which is being stolen), the phantom mouse, and a car port filled with eight Ferraris. GOTCHA! detected motion and is "Recording" the woman taking the laptop and the mouse drinking water, while it is still "Waiting..." for motion to occur in the other two camera windows. Each camera window has its own configuration. Each can be setup differently; different levels of detection sensitivity, different detection modes (Intrusion, Timelapse, Static profile, and Dynamic profile), different video frame rates, different audio sound files for each to play, etc. Click here to see a list of GOTCHA!'s features.

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Diagram of Multicam GOTCHA!

Diagram of Multicam GOTCHA

This shows a simple diagram of how you would use GOTCHA! in conjunction with the PC, four video capture cards (within the PC) and four cameras. Each of the four video windows, shown in the PC monitor, directly corresponds to one of the cameras to the right. In this diagram, two of the cameras are monitoring vehicles, one an office, and the other store front traffic. The arrows pointing into the PC are the NTSC/PAL inputs into each of the video capture cards within the PC. The video capture cards take in the video signal from a camera and convert it so that video applications such as GOTCHA! can read and display the video stream. Any type of NTSC/PAL camera can be used; infrared, wireless, etc.

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System Requirements

  • PC with at least 200MHz processor for a 2 camera system setup. At least 300MHz for a 4 camera system setup. (The speed requirement of the PC system depends proportionally upon the number of cameras, size of video windows, video frame rate, and video compressor. You will need at least a 300MHz system to handle four simultaneous 340x240 sized video windows at a frame rate of 2 frames per second, using the Intel Indeo 3.2 codec.)
  • Windows NT 4.0, 2000, or XP operating system.
  • At least 64MB of memory.
  • Plenty of disk storage space for recording. At least 50MB per camera.
  • Modem (19200 baud or faster) for pager, e-mail, and FTP notification.
  • An audio device installed with speakers if you wish GOTCHA! to play audio files upon detecting motion.
  • NTSC/PAL compatible camera. One camera per video capture card. (NOTE: We do not provide cameras).
  • One PCI slot per video capture card installed. (To monitor four cameras you will need four available PCI slots.)
  • Video capture card(s). Up to four in one computer. Click here for more details. (These cards are currently the only available cards that can be installed into the same system and provide simultaneous multiple video streams. These are high quality, high speed cards with special drivers to facilitate multiple video streams. The number of cards to be installed equals the number of cameras that you wish to use to monitor simultaneously. A maximum of four video capture cards can be installed into the same PC.)

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Key Features

  • GOTCHA! 3.0 Multicam is a 32-bit application supported on Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0, 2000 and XP. However, our video capture cards ONLY support Windows NT 4.0, 2000 or XP if you wish to use multiple cards within one PC.

  • Skip through motion events. During playback of the captured motion, there's no need to watch every single video frame. You can quickly skip through to the first video frame of each motion event, without having to watch the entire motion event. Skip to the one you wish to view then click on the play button.

  • Multiple camera support with simultaneous monitoring.

  • Each camera window has its own configuration setup. For example, camera window 1 can be set to a high detection sensitivity level, whereas camera window 2 can be set to a lower detection sensitivity level. And camera 3 can be simply set to timelapse detection.

  • Each camera window has its own pager and an alarm sound file. These features are optional.

  • Alarm if camera is disconnected. If any of the cameras become disconnected or fail to send its video stream, then GOTCHA! will sound a beep every 5 seconds until the camera is plugged back in. (This feature can be disabled by the user).

  • Timer scheduler. Set up times for when GOTCHA! should start to monitor. There is a Timer scheduler for each camera window, therefore you may have different schedules for each camera window.

  • Masking feature. Use the Mask option if you wish to mask off certain areas of unwanted movement for each camera view, like trees moving in the wind or traffic passing by a window.

  • Each video frame is time-stamped. Each video frame is timestamped with the day of the week, the exact time (hour:minute:second) and the year.

  • Playback the video buffer (recorded motion) while still monitoring. There is no need to stop GOTCHA! from monitoring to playback what it recorded so far. Simply click on the playback button.

  • Option to take a snapshot every so many user defined minutes. This is a great feature for updating image events on your website.

  • Save video files to the network. If the PC is connected to a network, then you can direct GOTCHA! to record the video files onto a remote server, just in case something happens to the PC.


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OEM Pricing

GOTCHA! 3.06 Multicam is priced at $299.

Proprietary video capture cards are priced at $154.95 each.

We do not sell cameras at this time.

Please inquire about volume pricing at the following e-mail address security@gotchanow.com.


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Other Video Capture Devices

Any video capture device that is Video for Windows compliant will work with this version of GOTCHA! Multicam. However, most video capture devices will not work with each other when installed multiple times into the same system. Their video capture device drivers are created only to provide ONE video stream at a time. Therefore, video applications like GOTCHA! will only be able to display one video stream instead of multple ones. For example, if you install three video capture devices into the same system, the video application will only "see" one video capture device installed and, therefore, will only be able to display one video stream on the monitor screen.

To solve this problem, we provide known "multicam capable" video capture cards for purchase with GOTCHA! Multicam. Our cards can be installed up to four cards per system. These video capture cards require Windows NT 4.0, 2000 or XP operating system and available PCI slots for each card installed. Click here more technical specifications about the video capture card.


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  • CD-ROM containing the following:
- GOTCHA! 3.06 Multicam software
- User's Manual (Word 6.0 format)
- Demo of GOTCHA! (singlecam)
- Example AVI files
  • Multicam Activation codes to disable the timelock
  • Quick Installation Guide for entire system
  • One up to four PCI video capture cards depending on how many you wish to purchase, containing the following:
- 1 CDROM of video capture driver installation for Windows NT 4.0, 2000, and XP and User's Manual

NOTE: We do not provide cameras. Click here for information on compatible cameras.


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Price per Unit

 GOTCHA! 3.06 Multicam



Proprietary Video Capture card



 Shipping & Handling

 $10 + (depending on location and speed)

 Tax (CA residents Only)

 Depending on location

NOTE: We do not provide cameras. Click here for information about compatible cameras.


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Contact Information

If you are interested in becoming an OEM, please send your e-mail to security@gotchanow.com. Within your e-mail please tell us who you are, your e-mail address and phone number, and your company information. Also, include any questions that you may have. Once we receive your e-mail we will reply to you as soon as possible.


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Video Capture Card Specs


  • 32 Bit/5 Volt PCI Card
  • Full PCI Rev2.1 compliance
  • Three composite video inputs (NTSC or PAL format)
  • One S-Video input (NTSC or PAL format)

NOTE: Only one camera can be monitored at a time. You must manually switch the camera source to monitor a different camera.

Operating System Support

  • Windows NT 4.0, 2000, or XP (Multiple cards in one PC)
  • Windows 95, 98, Me, NT 4.0, 2000, or XP (Single video stream only)

Feature Highlights

  • Recommended by Microsoft and RealNetworks.
  • Multiple cards can be used simultaneously in a single system. (Support only for Windows NT 4.0, 2000, and XP).
  • Advance DMA for ultra-high performance (full 30fps)
  • Direct Draw for 30 frames per second overlays to video screen with minimal CPU utilization. Also supports VFW.
  • Multiple cards per chassis up to 4 (NT 4.0, 2000, or XP only)
  • Closed captioning support
  • Three composite and one S-video inputs
  • Supports the following video input formats; NTSC-M, NTSC-J, PAL-BDGHI, PAL-M, PAL-N, SECAM.
    Supports the video formats; (Packed: RGB32, RGB24, RGB16, RGB15), Grey8, YUV (4:2:2), YUV (4:1:1), Planar: YUV12, YUV19.
  • Popular applications supported:

    Internet/intranet streaming: Microsoft Windows Media Technologies, RealNetworks RealSystem G2.

    Intranet broadcast: Precept Software IP/TV.

    Videoconferencing: Microsoft NetMeeting, White Pine CU-See-Me, Lucent's MMCX H.323.

    Video editing: Adobe Premier, Asymetric Digital Video Producer, MGI VideoWave II.

    Video cataloging: Virage VideoLogger™, Pictron Video Gateway, Excalibur Technologies Screening Room, Mediasite Logger.

Video Capture Card Software Package

  • VFW interface, kernel driver, capture driver, documentation (Windows 95 and Windows 98,Windows NT 4.0 X86)
  • Viewing Application (Vidcap32.exe)
  • User's Guides for Windows 95/98, and Windows NT

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How to Purchase

Please click here to enter our store. We provide secure transactions. All customer information is to remain confidential. We do not give away or sell information about our customers. If you have any questions please email sales@gotchanow.com.


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We do not offer cameras with multicam GOTCHA! at this time. So, if you are wondering what type of camera you should buy, then let us help a bit.

First of all, the camera has to be NTSC and/or PAL compliant. The connectors to our video capture cards are standard RCA Video In connectors. Most video cameras on the market today match these requirements. A simple camcorder is one, for example. (Note: camcorders usually have a power saver mode and will shut itself down after a preset number of minutes of inactivity. Not a good choice for using as a surveillance camera. Consult your camcorder's owner's manual for details.)

What you need to decide is how you will be using the camera, what environmental conditions it will be used in, and what video quality you expect from it. The answers to these questions will help you select the appropriate camera.

Two main specifications to look for in a surveillance camera are the lux light sensitivity rating and the lines of resolution it can provide. The number of lines of resolution indicates the detail quality of the video signal provided by the camera. Most TVs and VCRs have a resolution of under 300 lines. Higher resolution makes it easier to distinguish fine details and recognize people from a distance. The lux rating is the amount of light required to obtain a reasonable image. One lux is approximately the light from one candle. If you will be monitoring in low light conditions, then look for a camera that has under 1 lux rating. Cameras are available with lux ratings as low as .05 lux.

Since there are so many different possible features to a camera, we can't begin to recommend one. It really is up to you. Some applications may require a weatherproof, black and white, wireless camera with a wide angle lens, low lux rating for low light conditions, and inconspicuous construction. Another application may find that a simple indoor color camera with a short cable length is just perfect for their needs. We encourage you to select a camera thoughtfully as the camera chosen has a profound effect on the overall performance of the video system. With the hunreds of cameras currently available, you are certain to find one that fits your needs.

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Download our new GOTCHA! 3.06 Multicam video surveillance trialware software. This is a 30 day free trialware which will run for about 30 minutes each time you restart the program. Download, install, and try it out. If you have an older version of GOTCHA! Multicam simply install over it. Your configurations and registration codes will be saved into the new version. If you have GOTCHA! singlecam installed, GOTCHA! Multicam will install into its own directory. Both singlecam and multicam can reside independently on the same system. NOTE: The registration codes for GOTCHA! singlecam will not work for GOTCHA! Multicam.

g3069m.exe (2.87MB version

NOTE: Many video capture devices cannot be installed more than once and provide multiple simultaneous video streams from each camera. For example, if you were to installed more than one USB Quickcam camera into your PC, it will appear to any video application including GOTCHA! as one camera. Therefore, GOTCHA! Multicam will only "see" one camera installed. This is a function of the camera not the video application or GOTCHA!. This is why we offer our own video capture cards which are capable of providing simultaneous multiple video streams. If you are interested in USB only, then please visit Vista Imaging at http://www.vistaimaging.com. They have USB cameras that can be installed more than once and provide simultaneous multiple video streams. However, since the video is streaming through the USB port is will be much slower than a PCI based video capture card.

If you run into problems or simply have comments or feedback please e-mail us at security@gotchanow.com.

Thank you.

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